FoSBA Friends of Susan B. Anthony, Gainesville, Florida

The recipients of the Friends of Susan B. Anthony Award, featured speakers (which began in 1991) and venues are:


1989 Charlotte Yates Tobey’s Restaurant
1990 Esther Porter Lane Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
1991 Irene S. Thompson Carlene Carras
Women’s Equity – Outlook for the 90s
1992 Irene Zimmerman Alison Gerencser & Carole Zegel
Women and Children’s Political Agenda
United Church of Gainesville
1993 Ann Bromley Eastwood Jean Chance
Overshadowed: Henrietta Poynter, the St. Petersburg Times and the Congressional Quarterly
Paul’s Restaurant
1994 Polly French Doughty Mary Ann Green
Financial Pitfalls for Women to Avoid
Jade Garden
1995 Beverly Hill Susan B. Anthony Enters Heaven
Skit by Kappie Spencer. Narrated by Liz Jones. St. Peter: Lois Hensel; 1st man: Jack Donovan; 2nd man: Mary Nutter; Susan B.: Jean Chalmers
Thomas Center (catered by Grandy’s)
1996 Phyllis Meek &
June Littler
Jean Chalmers
Remarks from the Women’s History Project
Millhopper Public Library
1997 Liz Jones Jean Chalmers as Alice Paul Girls Club
1998 [none given] Panel: Past, Present and Future
The Past: African-American Voices – Vivian Filer
The Present: Women in Politics –
Margaret Conway
The Future: The Legacy –
Ellen West
Gainesville Woman’s Club
1999 Jaquelyn Liss Resnick Panel: Women in the Next Millennium – Challenges and Choices
Future Employment and Career Opportunities – Connie Sheehan
Women in Political Life – Pegeen Hanrahan
Maat Manifest: Accepting Responsibility for Socializing Our Girls – Patricia Hilliand-Nunn
Holiday Inn West
2000 Barbara Oberlander The Honorable Shirley Chisholm
2000 – What’s Ahead
Holiday Inn West
2001 Harriet M. Ludwig Angel Kwolek-Folland
2001 – Women and the Global Economy in the 21st Century?
Holiday Inn West
2002 Gilda Josephson Barbara DeVane
Women in Politics: Past, Present and Future
Holiday Inn West
2003 Ann Marie Rogers The Honorable Patricia Schroeder
Challenges in America’s Future – Where Do We Go from Here?
Holiday Inn West
2004 Vivian Washington Filer Lucy Morgan
Women Inspiring Hope and Possibility
Paramount Plaza and Conference Center
2005 Sadie J. Darnell Marian C. Limacher, M.D.
Women’s Health, Lessons Learned
Paramount Plaza and Conference Center
2006 Doris Bardon Doris “Granny D” Haddock
Let Us Follow in Susan B. Anthony’s Footsteps
Hilton University of Florida Conference Center
2007 NKwanda Jah Dr. Vilma Fuentes
Power to Transform: Women in the Developing World
Best Western Gateway Grand Hotel
2008 Jean Martin &
Deanye Overman
Dr. Jack E. Davis
Marjory Stoneman Douglas and Women’s Role in the Environmental Movement
Paramount Plaza Hotel
2009 Jane Kelley Holland Dr. Susan A. MacManus
Women in Politics
Paramount Plaza Hotel
2010 Emily A. Browne Dr. Lynn Leverty
Carrie Chapman Catt: The Winning Plan for Suffrage
Paramount Plaza Hotel
2011 Eileen Roy Rachel Rebouché, J.D.
Sex and the Supreme Court
Paramount Plaza Hotel
2012 Mildred Hill-Lubin Donna Waller
The History of Voting
Paramount Plaza Hotel
2013 Victoria Condor-Williams Berta Hernandez-Truyol
Globalization, Migration and Women
Paramount Plaza Hotel
2014 Billie Staff Patricia Hilliard-Nunn, Ph.D.
50 Years of the Civil Rights Act: Progress and Problems
Paramount Plaza Hotel
2015 Pegeen Hanrahan, P.E. Jeanna Mastrodicasa, Ph.D.
Women and Public Office:
Tales and Trends from the Dais
Best Western Gateway Grand
2016 Nancy Griffin & JoAnn Wilkes Laura Rosenbury, Dean and Professor of Law, Levin School of Law, University of Florida:
Gender and Leadership in Times of Distrust
Best Western Gateway Grand
Kathy Kidder
Rebecca Nagy, Ph.D.
Director, Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art University of Florida
Commanding Center Stage: Women in American Art Museums Today
Best Western Gateway Grand